My first blog over using second language~!

4 May

I bet people notice that I am Asian&foreigner when they see my blog. At first, they must know when they see tons of grammar errors, and the topic ‘noodles’ looks exotic.

I got a lot of interesting&useful skills to use social network by process of posting this blog. In South Korea, they has social networks too, but those are only twitter, facebook, and youtube. Also, the function of embedding codes from here to there is not used well as much as the United States, so their social network is usually used to report trivial routines. Of course those reporting is much better than ignorance, but still, Korean social network has a lot of space to be improved.

        I especially love using Storify. I actually met some people who don’t recommend storify, but, to me, who has never experienced making blog, storify is a perfect tool entering into the world of Blog.

I agree it might have less creativity, because Drag&Drop is a skill the most used in Storify. However, I was a beginner of beginner, even could not understand all terms used in social network, so that I felt it might have been much easier when I used storify to make this blog, not wordpress.

Also, I am interested in video editing, so using Youtube manager was very fun. I took video storytelling class by professor David Nolan last semester, and experienced using finalcut express for editing.

Like I took harder time than regular American students to be used to wordpress and blogging in English, I did when I learned finalcut. But right now, Youtube video manager is very easy tool to me. I felt very proud of my self. And I really enjoyed it. I am sure blogging in English is so intimate to me, right now too. Thank you!

In conclusion, I feel like United State’s social network environment is ahead of exactly 5years than Korea. And I would like to be one of people who improve Korean social network~!

Oh~! I’m going back to Korea  on 15th May~!

Korean Festival, and Amazing Korean style Fried noodles!

4 May

        There was the first Korean festival in Texas State University in San Marcos on last 27th April. This event had beautiful traditional performances, Korean pop music performances, AND awesome Korean food! Especially what people loved was Korean Style Stir Fried Noodles. 

Kelp Noodle JapChae (2/2)

Jap-chae, 잡채 : Korean Stir Fried Noodles. Japchae is one of the most popular noodle dishes in Korea, particularly a famous main dish for party. The foundation of the dish is the mixture of the noodles, soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil. Because mung bean or sweet potato noodles both absorb tons of flavor, you can mix and match the vegetables or meat to your liking.

In Korean Festival in TXstate, Korean Culture Club catered Korean food for the festival :)

Now, Korean festival has already past, BUT!! There are several restaurants&markets which are cheerfully satisfy your appetite toward Jap Chae~!

1. Cho Sun-Gal bi Restaurant, 조선갈비

This restaurant has reputation of providing fancy style Korean food, also has Jap-Chae.

713 E Huntland Dr
Austin, TX 78752

(512) 419-1400

2.Manna Korean Restaurant, 만나식당

This restaurant is cheaper than upper one, but honestly, much less fit their food for American.

6808 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78752
Neighborhood: Brentwood

(512) 323-0635


Homemade Tomato Sauce

4 May

I made a Youtube video about recipe of traditional Italian tomato pasta sauce. Homemade tomato sauce has rich aroma of tomatoes, basil, and olive oil. Making tomato sauce needs less than 30 minutes, and very easy. Honestly, I know boiled tomato feels a little bit~~ gross when you touch peels of it, But!! I bet it’s worth! Check this out >,<

Hand Pulled Noodles: King of the king noodles~!

3 May

So, as I was making noodles the other day I decided I would make my storify over hand pulled noodles- which has many locations, one in particular that shows how hand pulled noodles are made.

This restaurant is in New York City and supposedly offers some of the best hand pulled noodles around.

I made a storify for it, but unfortunately it would not post on my blog.

So for everyone who wants to see my post, check it out here!

Check out my diverse noodles that I made! XD

30 Apr

At first, the last picture, the chinese noodles is not what I made.

These photos are all what I made(except for the last one), and making these photo slide show I could recall the moments when I made them for my priceless friends.


This is japanese style fried noodle. I’ve bought organic green onion in Farmer’s market which is held monthly in Quad, TXstate University. Scent of green onion was amazing. Also, basically, I put soy sauce when I made this dish, it was perfect match with green onion.

2.Salad pasta

This is absolutely one of my favorite food. I am not a vegetarian, but I love veggie, especially fresh, crunch veggies!! Also, I used Olive oil&lemon juice dressing on it, which is perfect for salad. I put tofu this, which is made by grounded beans. Salad pasta could be a full meal to make you feel satisfied.

3.Tomato sauce pasta

Home made tomato sauce pasta.
I love to make tomato sauce because it is not difficult to make&good for health. I’ll definately post how to make. The most important element of good food is scent. Home made tomato sauce has texture of fresh tomatoes, and scent of raw tomatoes. I made a bottle of it in my fridge, and just warm it with pasta whenever I want to eat. Everytime I eat this, I remind this is perfect.

4.Original style Chicken noodle soup

This is the picture that I posted the recipe of ancient style noodles. I do want to make&eat again, but honestly, it is hard to revive again…hahahaha I am too busy to do school work!!!

5.Romantic dinner table with home made pasta

This pasta was the first tomato sauce that I’ve tried. Of course it was terrible:P But it was great for romantic dinner:)

6. Farfalle, so called bow-tie pastas with tomato sauce

7. Home made tomato sauce

8. Garlic pasta 9.Happy brit, with garlic pasta lol

garlic with olive oil pasta.
This is the original pasta which Sicilian people invented pastas first.
Based olive oil, roasts fresh garliic until it turns to brownish yellow, and broil with cooked pasta noodles. Put grinded black peppers&salts. It is one of easy pasta to make, but this is really the best Italian food ever. Usually, Sicilian put clamps, but I couldn’t, because hard to find fresh sea food in Texas:P If someone knows, let me know plz~~!

Noodles in movies: Love of ordinary people

12 Apr

1. Cracked eggs&noodles (2005, S.Korea directed by Sang Hoon-Oh)

Love between father and son who don’t live in easy circumstances. Ramen noodle shows the symbol of love of family even though they are not rich.

2. In the mood for love(2000, Hong Kong film directed by Wong Kar-wai)

In this movie, a square selling noodle soup in night market is a place for the poor public. At this place, the main characters ran into and fell in love, even though they were just neighbors living  next door.The woman character ‘Su’ went there to buy noodles for eating alone in her apt, and the guy ‘Chow’ living next door went to eat noodles. Noodle in this movie, represents loneliness of people living modern time.

3. Rush Hour(1998, United States directed by Bret Ratner)

Check this out too!

I didn’t watch this movie, but found this scene in Youtube. It is so funny :P

Brilliant App: Make your own noodle recipe~! :)

9 Mar

I have a brilliant idea of i-Phone application!

It is an app has recipes of making noodle, but these are not regular noodle like ramen, pasta or pho.

You can make your own recipe, like you can choose toppings when you order pizza in Domino.

First of all, you can choose which noodle you want, and then app shows you which sauce would be great with this noodle.

But you can choose one of the list of sauce. And finally you can choose other ingredients to put your noodle.

Finally, you can see the recipe of your noodle~!



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